Levitate your soles.

with the hypelev

Welcome To The Future

31st Century Fly Shit.

Ever since Kanye’s reawakening, Hypelev has strived to provide you with the best tech available to display your grails.

Say Hello To Air

We make air real again. With a flip of a switch, air will finally become extraordinary.

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Experience Peak Hype

How can you make your most prized possession even more prized? Well. You gotta make it untouchable.

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Let Lew Do The Talking.

People Love Us 🥇


I think with the right shoe and the right environment, you have something really cool potentially...this is a modern-day artwork Will.

Lew from Unbox Therapy

Hypelev takes showing off your favorite shoes to a whole new level— literally. This is an art gallery-worthy display you have to see to believe.

Touch of Modern

We have to admit that it is super cool idea. In practical sense, you could, for the first time, show off your priced kick in its entirety – the sole include.

Mike Shouts

Immerse your shoes

Show off your sneakers the real way.

The HYPELEV gives you the utmost ability to view your sneakers in the best way possible. Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

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