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Original Levitation Display - White

Original Levitation Display - White

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The Hypelev stand gives the user the ability to exhibit sneakers in a manner never seen before. With the original Hypelev stand, we were able to redefine the world of levitation.

Through our manipulation of electromagnetic currents, we can literally change the course of physics, allowing your soles to suspend in mid-air. The White LED immerses your sneakers into an atmosphere of pure light. The small air hole in the display allows it to rotate and glide endlessly.

This one of a kind showcase has been designed by sneakerheads, for sneakerheads. Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

  • Applicable and functional to all enclosed Footwear items (Example: Adidas, Nike, Yeezy, etc)
  • Works for shoes up to size 15.